Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ameradoor- Quality Cabinet Doors and Cabinets

I was very saddened to see this in my "comments" and sorry to hear Ameradoor has closed.  From the comments left here, it is obvious that running this business has been a struggle as are many in this terrible economy.  Thank you to Ameradoor for posting this for us.

AMERADOOR UPDATE (This is a comment left by user "Ameradoor Corporation":
Ameradoor Corporation- After 6 years we have CLOSED We tried to keep our doors open long enough to finish customers product. However our power was shut off. Our phones and website was discontinued for not payment. We just did not have the resources to survive. In this nations economy you would think that people would understand. However some people would like to make wild accusations that are just not true. For the customers that supported us for the past six years "thank you". For the customers that did not get there order "I am truly sorry" I hope the through the Bankruptcy court that this matter will be resolved.

AMERADOOR UPDATE: August 3, 2011:
Thanks to Helen and Darlene for the heads-up on Ameradoor.  It appears they may have closed.  Calling the number today that is listed on the www.whois.net website, I received a recording that said, "We're sorry. You've reached a number that is no longer in service."  Typing www.ameradoor.com in the address bar gives this message,  "Sorry, we can't find "www.ameradoor.com". We suggest that you check the spelling of the web address or search above."  Personally, I am very sorry to know this company is closed.

MY ORIGINAL POST January 27, 2009:
We recently built a maple entertainment center for our living room. Unfortunately, when it came to the doors, we did not have the expertise or the right tools. Since we only needed three doors and one drawer front, we decided to have them built. Searching the Internet we were able to find Ameradoor. The price with shipping was less than we would have paid for a router and the rail and stile bits.

When the doors arrived, we were very happy with their workmanship.

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