Monday, October 12, 2009

LG enV TOUCH - Verizon Wireless

I've had my LG enV TOUCH a little more than a month. Since my last phone was an everyday LG flip phone, this was a bit of an adjustment. I went with the Touch rather than the enV 3, not so much for the Touch aspect, but for the bigger size of the keyboard and especially the bigger screen. The bigger screen allows me to see the Caller ID w/o glasses. I've also set the ring to tell me who is calling rather than using a traditional ring or music.

It seems every day I'm coming across new features. There is a small bar on the touch screen that shows if you have a missed call, voicemail, something in your calendar, etc. You just touch it to go to it (instead of going through a menu). You can also drag and drop things like calendar, alarm, web addresses, etc. to the front screen (desktop).

This phone did not come with a stylus, but you can use the "pen" option (a fingernail works) to add contacts or calendar appointments. It also came with a USB cable that allows you to transfer information and charge the phone with your computer. The qwerty keyboard inside is large. If you turn the front sideways, you get a qwerty on the touchscreen too.

The salesperson at the store told me there were no speed dials. I was glad to find he was wrong! The speed dials are set after the number is entered. Flip the phone open, highlight the number (in yellow) and hit "options" on the right soft key. #1 is "Set Speed Dial".

I didn't really think I'd have much use for the mobile email. I must admit it was nice to be able to respond to a business email the other day when I was not at home.

Oh ya...and I have VZ Navigator. It was free for a month so I decided to try it. Smart move on Verizon's part...now I don't want to cancel it! It is really an amazing feature, but priced a little high -- no, a LOT high at $9.99/month. I guess it is worth it for the security of knowing you have it if lost.

The only downsides I'm finding so far...
1. Screen is not oleophobic -- you'll want to purchase screen protectors.
2. It has re-booted itself a couple times (or at least I think that is what happened - suddenly saw the Verizon logo).
3. It is a little large and heavy (but I knew that).
4. A call to 911 would take much longer than on a flip phone - wake up the phone, slide to unlock, hit the "phone" button, THEN dial 911 and hit send. The 911 downside is big BUT I've found it makes sense to just put it to sleep in the phone position.
5. Battery does not last long if you're using the browser.

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