Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MBT sneakers / shoes

Guest entry from my friend Lynn:

If you're not familiar with MBT, it stands for Masai Barefoot Technology. These shoes are built to replicate the way we would walk when barefooted. This technology is supposed to cause us to burn more calories and build muscle. I did not purchase mine for the exercise aspect of these shoes -- I purchased mine because I have a severe case of plantar faciitis.

I've just purchased my second pair of MBT's. Well, you could almost say third, but I don't count the second pair. The first pair was the Chapa model which I purchased on eBay almost 2 years ago. Because of the plantar faciitis issue, these sneakers have been a life saver. Any time I deviated from wearing these, I paid for it that evening by being in excruciating pain. Since my Chapas were getting old, I decided it was time to find a new pair. By now, unfortunately, China has infiltrated eBay with fake MBT's.

My second pair was this past summer and another eBay purchase. It was not a smart purchase. I purchased from eBay user tuse1590 in China. I think I must keep those details for a post all it's own. (I would not recommend purchasing MBT's from China unless you want poor quality shoes that will more than likely make your feet stink.) Although my daughter tells me the funny email correspondence I received from this eBayer is worth the $130 I lost. Not sure I agree with that.

My third pair - I just purchased these from an online store that I found through the official MBT site. I wasn't taking any chances this time. I was able to get a $260 MSRP pair that was on clearance for $119 with free shipping. They are an adorable Mary Jane style in denim. They are not as comfortable as the Chapas. I sometimes wonder if my Chapas are so comfortable because they are broken in.

In closing - I highly recommend MBT's I just wouldn't recommend purchasing them from China or especially from ebay user tuse1590!

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