Saturday, July 14, 2012


I've found a great website to order capsule-filling supplies, herbs, essential oils, and sprouting supplies.  Today I'll be ordering the capsule filling machine 'Cap-m-quik' along with empty capsules to use for filling capsules with curry.  The benefits of curcumin are well documented and my husband sees a difference in his blood sugar after eating curry.  I thought it might be worth trying curry in capsules for those days he doesn't add curry to his food.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Thank You, Robyn O'Brien

I just read an article by Robyn O’Brien regarding a genomics scientist speaking out against her.  http://www.robynobrien.com/_blog/Inspiring_Ideas/post/An_Idea_Worth_Spreading,_A_Dialogue_Worth_Having/
I personally love and appreciate what Robyn in doing - spreading the word about unsafe food.

In this article, she talks about a Spanish researcher, “Jose L. Domingo found only seven peer reviewed papers on genetically engineered crop safety as of 2000, most of them dealing with short-term nutritional effect” and basically says studies have not been done to prove the safety (or non-safety) of GMOs (genetically modified organisms).  I think we have an ongoing study.

It is my personal belief that there is a HUGE study going on right now on genetically modified foods, additives, antibiotics that are given to livestock, rBGH   (recombinant bovine growth hormone) and processed foods.  Look around, it looks to me that a study is happening in our own backyards.  Look at your friends, your relatives, your neighbors and people-watch at the mall for 5 minutes: what do you see?  Are a significant number of these people obese?  Do a significant number of these people have health issues, some even noticeable health issues?  In your circle, do you see people getting MS, Parkinson’s, cancer, etc. before they are even 30?  I just read that cancer is the biggest killer of children under 15 (sorry I can’t remember where).  YIKES!

Yes, sadly, WE Americans ARE the “study!”  Americans are not getting healthier, and are not getting less cancer or heart disease.  Is it time to  stop listening to the so-called “experts” and start listening to our common sense?

Consider following Robyn O’Brien on Facebook to get some good information about what you are eating.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Market Basket Hooksett New Hampshire

I love the new Market Basket in Hooksett, New Hampshire!  Tonight I was looking for the telephone number and was not able to find it with a quick Internet search.  I had to call another NH store to obtain the number.  The telephone number is 603-624-8126.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

One for the Money Movie and Cast

One for the Money is book #1 in the Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter, series by Janet Evanovich.  I just finished reading the newest in the series, Explosive Eighteen.  I'll save that for another review.  Having read 18 in this series, you can probably guess that I'm a big fan.

I was excited when I heard book #1 was being made into a movie.  Little by little I heard about the cast.  I think I was back several books when I heard Sherri Shepard had been cast as Lula.  Throughout the remaining books, I laughed even harder as I pictured Sherri in the part!
As I heard about the remaining cast members, I became increasingly concerned that Sherri was the only cast member who fit.   Having now seen the movie, I've changed my mind.

Stephanie Plum -  Being a fan of Grey's anatomy, I was actually bugged that Katherine Heigl had been cast for the part of Stephanie Plum.  I now revoke that opinion and admit she was a great fit; Heigl nailed the part.
Morelli - Jason O'Mara  Honestly, I have probably seen Jason in other roles, but for now they allude me.  It took a bit to warm up to him as he was not what I pictured, but by the end of the movie he had grown on me. 
Ranger - Daniel Sunjata This was as good a fit as Lula (although I pictured him being a bit older.)  He was such a good fit for this part, I could smell the Bvlgari shampoo!

Mrs. Plum - Debra Monk  I was a little disappointed at first.  My image of this character was a little more...well demure is the only word I can think of.  Maybe more prim and proper?  Then my daughter said, "C'mon! She's a mother in New Joysey!"  and I realized she was right!
Vinnie was a good fit, I only pictured him a little taller and thinner.
My big disappointment I have to say was Debbie Reynolds.  Not that I don't like Debbie Reynolds, I just don't think she was a good fit for the part.  To successfully play the part of Grandma Mazur, she needed to look more like a chicken - much thinner, much older, hanging chicken skin and more frail looking.

The movie itself I thought was very well done.  Of course I learned a long time ago:  never re-read a book  just before the movie hits the theater; it ruins it.  I've read a few bad reviews of this movie and must wonder if those reviews are from those who did not read the books.  Anyone care to comment?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Have You Seen Food Matters or Food, Inc.?

Food Matters and Food, Inc. are two of the most powerful movies about food that I have seen.  Food Matters is a documentary about using food as medicine rather than pharmaceuticals.  As Hippocrites, the father of medicine, said, "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food."  This documentary will change your view of pharmaceuticals and popping pills.  As they said, "A pill for every ill."  I found the statistics of pharmaceuticals versus vitamins very interesting.

Food, Inc., another documentary, is a film about how our food is grown and how the small, country-side farms have been replaced with Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). I had heard about these but had never actually seen one.  The one question I had after watching was, "And people think how we get veal is cruel?"  If you don't want to change any of your eating habits, you might not want to watch this one.  After watching this, I plan to completely change my eating habits and start supporting local farmers.

I only wish I had seen these many, many years ago.  How different and healthier would I be now?  If you have the chance, these films just might change your life and the life of your family.

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