Friday, February 6, 2009

Historic French Market Inn, New Orleans Louisiana

Historic French Market Inn, December 18, 2007
December 18, 2007

We arrived in New Orleans on Tuesday. I hadn’t flown in approximately 14 years! I still can’t believe anyone even coaxed me onto a plane. I did, of course have anxiety medication with me.

When we arrived at our hotel, I was a little disappointed at the size of the room at the Historic French Market Inn. There were 3 of us sharing one room – myself, my daughter and my daughter’s friend. The cleanliness (you might think this ironic as you read on) of the room, however, made up for the small size. The staff who met us at our arrival also made up for the small size of the room. After a day of traveling, it is always nice to be greeted by friendly staff.
The next morning, as we proceeded to the elevator, there was this tiny little mouse in the hallway. Since he (I think it was a “he”, but I didn’t check) was dead, it didn’t bother me all that much. I am sorry to say that I was happy he was dead.

Two of my daughter’s friends would be arriving to join us on Thursday night. Both rooms had been booked in my daughter’s name through www.hotels.com, so we needed to be available to check them in when they arrived. We got the call that they were on their way from the airport around 8:30 PM. We proceeded to check them in and get their room keys. We knew we had about a half hour to wait for them, so my daughter said, “let’s go check out their room”.

We decided that was a good idea. Remember I said, “I was a little disappointed at the size of the room”? After opening the door, we all just looked at each other with a “wow” look and a “let’s switch rooms” look. There were 3 of us and only 2 of them. We quickly went back to our room, gathered all of our belongings, and cleaned the bathroom (the beds had already been made). These were REALLY close friends who had stayed at our house, so we didn’t worry too much about the room being spotless.

We thought we were pretty funny, switching rooms like that. Well, you will see pretty quickly how the joke was on us. I started to unpack my toiletries at the sink when a “bug” came out of nowhere…I looked at it and screamed….it looked at me and screamed (well, okay, maybe it didn’t really scream). I jumped backwards and it ran off. It was the first time I had seen a bug of that type. I guess it best not to put any name on it since I’m not an entomologist; let’s just say it was a “bug”.

I and my fellow travelers, being from the Northeast, were not used to seeing bugs, especially in December. I was quite disturbed and went down to the desk to complain. They quickly reassured me that bugs are quite common in the south and after such a downpour of rain the day before, they were not surprised. None-the-less, I slept with tissues in my ears for the rest of the trip.

This place gets a “B”, even in spite of the “bug” and the smaller room we started out in. I would recommend this hotel and I would stay here again.

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