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Marconi Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, September 2007

Marconi Beach (Cape Cod National Seashore) Cape Cod, Massachusetts
September 2007

Leaving Clem and Ursie's we headed back to our motel, we decided we would still make our 2nd annual Marconi Beach stop. The rain had started to pickup, but since Marconi Beach is Cynthia’s favorite beach (she hasn’t been to Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda yet), I didn’t mind a rainy walk on the beach. (Deja Vu, I remember it raining last year for our Marconi Beach walk. Now that I think about it, I haven't seen Marconi Beach in the sun.) Thankfully, the rain had changed back to a drizzle by the time we arrived at the beach. It was deserted on this rainy September afternoon.

Enjoying a nice walk along the beach we were able to spot a couple of seals. I thought they were sea lions, but Cynthia said she thought they were seals. According to http://www.capecodstranding.net/, “Here in the North Atlantic, we only have what are called “true seals,” not sea lions or fur seals.” I knew we only had one or the other, but I had mistakenly thought they were sea lions. Since I had grown up in New England and Cynthia in the Midwest, you would have thought I would have been the one to get it right!

We were not there for long, when we heard thunder off in the distance. It was kind of nice hearing the rumbling off shore. The thunder and lightening grew increasingly stronger and was coming much closer. Finally I said, “let’s go” and we made a run for the car. Okay, so ya, maybe I screamed “LET”S GO!!” and tore up the stairs as fast as I could. I kept looking back, but Cynthia wasn’t moving too quickly. I do have a huge respect for Mother Nature.
Just as we closed the car doors, the skies opened up, and a crack of lightening streaked down right next to us. This was a dramatic ending to the wonderful day we still managed to have in spite of these very disappointing events.

We of course will always love the Cape and will continue to visit, but hopefully our next trip will provide much better weather and a much nicer meal in P-town.

We arrived back at the hotel rather late and ordered pizza (more on that at a later time).

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